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Today we finished migrating our website and shopping cart out of the last millennium. RevPack has been making soft luggage for the motorcycle touring enthusiast for 40 years this year! We've seen a lot of flashes in the pan of competition, and we still prefer to design more function over flash into our products. Having ridden many a long road and we've learned a lot of lessons. The most important ones being simplicity, honesty and loyalty. These are the things that guide us in being in business. Our bags are simple with a minimum of exposed seams. We won't try to sell you a bag that won't fit your bike and if you don't like anything we will take it back. You may not need our products, but you will love our company. The family has grown and our interest have varied.   We all love being a part of our American dream. All our packs are assembled right here where we live with the help of friends, neighbors and loved ones. 

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