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Free and Easy Rider, Dennis Hopper, heads off to the heavenly desert.

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Dennis Hopper and his movie "Easy Rider" changed the way movie making was done and greatly contributed to the motorcycle riders expression of style and desire for freedom. In 1968 Motorcycling and the counterculture continued growing on and off the road. Two years later, the movie "On Any Sunday" with Steve McQueen just added fuel the fire of the motorcycling popularity. Most all of that Big Bang can still be seen today. Incredible craftsmen producing motorcycles that are working works of art; or the athletics and engineering that goes into the sport of super motocross; and above all the endless drive and personal vision that these people put into what they do. Live to ride and ride to live says a lot about the perspective of these characters. Today I thank the spirit of Dennis Hopper and bid him to rest in peace. 

I hope he and McQueen get do a couple laps on the Steve's flat track. Or have a race down the highway to hell and then ditch the devil in his own back yard. We're confident that our Packs can cary the load no matter if they take the high road  or the low road. ... we just haven't figured out how to ship them to him.

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