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Motorcycle Luggage

Motorcycling has been around since the turn of the last century. Our earliest known family member to ride a motorbike was Uncle Hollister who would have been seen zipping around the Occidental College roads in the early 1920s. As Motorcycling now steps into its second century we see a diversification of types and styles. All because someone thought it would be pretty neat to put one of those new fangled internal combustion engines on a bicycle. At the time, I'm sure it was deemed crazy. Rev-Pack has only been making motorcycle soft luggage since 1974, but we've see the industry go from dirt bikes and street bikes to over a dozen specific use categories. And we make something useful for all of them.

  • TankPack
    Our Tank Pack offers a very exciting alternative to the typical "strapped" on "knapsack"look of most others available. It not only looks super but also functions exceptionally well. It is more weather proof than most,...

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