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Traveling Style

When we stated Rev-Pack, 26 years back in the last millennium, there were two types of motorbikes. Ones that were meant for the road and those that weren't. The difference being the lights and the knobby tires. Thats not to say that Malcolm Smith's 1970 Husky eight-speed was anything like the 1971 Harley-Davidson Super Glide or that the Honda Trail90 could go up against the Indian powered Munro Special, but the motorcycle was beginning an evolutionary split that became the street bike and the dirt bike. Today there are a variety of specific use styles. Scooters, Choppers, Cruisers, Adventure/Touring, Dual Sport, Supermoto, Sport, Touring, Trail and, of course, Dirt Bikes. 

Looking at this from a soft luggage application, there are still two fundamental types of motorcycles, those with fixed trunk enclosures and those without. Wether you ride a full dressed bike or prefer a naked bike, Rev-Pack soft luggage can help sort out the junk in your trunk or give your bike some temporary extra capacity for a longer tour. 

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