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Tank Bags

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Our TankPacks are solid stable designs that can weather the road with all suprises and always remain on your bike. Even if for some reason you are unable to keep the shinny side up, your Rev-Pack TankPack will still be hugging your tank. 

We hope all of us are well practiced in our defensive riding skills and won't have this issue. 

These TankPacks are tough, vesitle and we think the easiest to access on the market. For the traditional rider this is the glove box; gloves, cigs, glasses and maps. For the moto-photo folks it is the perfect camera bag; camera, lenses, meters and cables. For the geocacher it houses the treasure that will be troved to others and collect available target caches; GPS device, treasures ad caches. For the touring enthusiast it is a little of all of the above with a little security of choice; theft detection, holster or radar. 

  • TankPack
    Our Tank Pack offers a very exciting alternative to the typical "strapped" on "knapsack"look of most others available. It not only looks super but also functions exceptionally well. It is more weather proof than most,...

  • TankPack Jr
    TankPack Jr
      Super slick describes our Junior Tank Pack. A beautiful compliment to that flashy sport bike to haul your personals through the canyon or the dresser who has almost enough room to take the camera. Similar shape and...

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