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Utility Bags

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  • MapPack
    This flat folding pack was designed to keep papers and maps organized and away from the elements. As traveling evolved, more uses have been found for this product.  Keep your traditional maps protected and organized...

  • Keeping things organized in you packs can be challenging. Small things settle to the bottom and laundry always surfaces to the top. These 5 little colored bags will keep various things grouped together and findable when having to rummage around your Rev-Packs.
    Have you ever opened your luggage and not been able to find what you need because you couldn't remember what you stuck it in? Have you ever wrapped your belongings in garbage bags to keep them dry inside your luggage? Have...

  • DittyBag Rubbermaid combo Pack!
    DittyBag The name says it all. The Ditty Bag is just as cute as it sounds. It's perfect for a shaving kit, a make-up kit, and a camera bag, etc. Perfect for all the little things that need to be housed together in a bag. It...

  • ToolPack
    ToolPack This universal product is perfect for automotive, marine, avaition and probably even space flight. We don't have any indecation of the latter but we are pretty sure it would work just fine.  The Tool Pack is...

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